About Us

 We are a family owned business located at 146 Gibbon Mountain Road, Keirstead Mountain, NB, about 15 KM North of Sussex, NB.

We have been salvaging tractors since the mid nineties and guarantee all our parts with a 30 day return warranty. Keep checking the tractor list for new units arriving regularly. 

We got our start by buying a parts tractor for a couple of tractors we used every day on our farm, where we had raised purebred Angus beef cattle for over 50 years. Parts requests soon started coming in and we’ve been building ever since, to the point that the parts business became our main focus and we no longer farm.

We also collect and restore Farmall “Letter Series” tractors, so we have a good idea what a restorer is looking for in good used parts and have a good selection of new reproduction parts available too.